Washing Process

The Gonzo Detailing Process for Washing Vehicles

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At the start of the process the vehicle needs to be rinsed with water including the rims and tires.

The rims then need to be sprayed with a chemical cleaner to help remove rust and brake dust. The rims are then scrubbed until completely cleaned, the tires are also brushed to remove dirt. In addition to the rims and tires, the wheel wells need to be thoroughly brushed.

With a foam gun, the vehicle is then completely covered in soap.

Using a clean mitt the vehicle gets washed starting on the roof, working down the sides, and finally the hood and trunk. While washing, a side to side overlapping motion needs are used. When dealing with a truck or oversized vehicle a brush with a long handle and possibly a ladder is used. Larger SUV’s and Vans need a brush and a pole to reach the complete top portion.

After the entire vehicle is washed, we will go and clean the lips of the vehicle over the tires front and back, the rocker panels, and the front and rear bumpers that curve toward the underside of the vehicle. This step needs to be done at the end of the wash and the mitt cannot touch the body of the vehicle again because these areas are typically extra greasy and dirty. The car is then thoroughly rinsed including inside the mirrors as well as hood and trunk openings. The car needs to be checked for cleanliness to make sure no spots were missed.

To dry the vehicle, special microfiber towels are used first to remove most of the water off the vehicle. As we dry the vehicle, the compressed air is used on all cracks, crevices and moldings to remove excess water that is beneath or behind the surface. The compressed air is also used in the mirrors to remove as much water as possible. After the body of the vehicle is dried, all door and trunk jams are dried as well by opening the doors and drying these areas with a towel.

Lastly, tire dressing is sprayed on the tires, the tire is first dried with a dry towel and using a special brush the tire dressing is applied. The tires are individually dressed and then followed with a dry towel to remove and excess dressing.  During this step the rims need to be inspected as well to ensure that they are clean.

The vehicle is now ready to be pulled out and a quick inspection by walking around the vehicle can now be done.


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