Waxes, Sealants, Coatings


Carnauba wax is the preferred car wax of collectors and concours enthusiasts because it creates a rich, warm glow. It doesn’t appear to sit on the paint. It transforms the paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers under changing light conditions. The more carnauba wax, the more shine.

The drawback of carnauba waxes, if is that it does not last as long as a synthetic sealant. A carnauba car wax finish will wear off in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. It depends heavily on the climate in which you live and whether or not your vehicle is garaged. Daily commutes in a hot, humid climate mean a shorter life span for your carnauba wax coat.

In a nutshell, carnauba car wax is the wax of enthusiasts.


Paint sealants are kind of the anti-carnauba. They last a lot longer, they are easy to apply, and there’s nothing natural about them. This is surface science at its best.

A paint sealant is made of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked together. When a sealant bonds to your vehicle’s paint, it forms a rigid shell. It is not the warm carnauba that seems to melt into the paint. Paint sealants sit on top of the paint like a transparent chain metal suit. They are glossy and slick, but carnauba lovers will tell you they do not have the warmth and depth of a carnauba.

Paint sealants have gotten progressively more popular as time goes on. Some people really love the hard-as-glass look. In an industry that is driven by technology, it seems appropriate that an engineered paint protector is the new favorite among many detailers. Sealants can last as long as 12 months depending on care and conditions your vehicle is kept.


A coating forms a much stronger, harder bond that can withstand the elements to a much greater degree. A coating is resistant to alkaline cleaners, degreasers and harsh detergents. Removing a coating without physically abrading it is virtually impossible.

A coating is comprised of nano-glass ceramic particles and state-of-the-art cross-linking polymers. As soon as these nano-glass ceramic particles make contact with your paint, they begin to fill in pits and pores to make the surface perfectly smooth, preventing dirt, water, oil and anything else from adhering.

A coating provides incredible water sheeting abilities. Thanks to the immense amount of surface tension created by the nano-glass ceramic particles, water will bead up and roll right off the surface, taking dirt and anything else with it.

Coatings can last as long as 24 months depending on care and conditions your vehicle is kept.